Monday, June 10, 2013

Spring Gladiator Rock n Run

As I mentioned last week, this was a two mud run kind of weekend.  So on Saturday, on only two hours of sleep, Spencer and I headed down for the Gladiator Rock n Run in Irvine.  We arrived in plenty of time and proceeded to get ready and go.

This was a four mile mud run with plenty of obstacles.  We jumped into ice cold water.  We crawled through mud a couple of times.  We ran across an old air strip.  And we crawled through the longest mud pit they could build – set a world record in fact.

However, I wasn’t exactly thrilled with that mud pit.  The barbed wire they had for us to go under was too low.  I love getting muddy, but I like to keep my face out of the mud.  It really irritates the eyes if you go all the way under.  Sorry, but so low I have to do that takes all the fun out of it.

There were some other hard obstacles, especially the dumpster dive.  But I made it through that one this year.  I tried the big wall at the end twice as well, but I just couldn’t quite make it over this year.  Last year, I did it, but this year I just kept sliding.

I got pretty scratched up, which is funny because I don’t remember it happening.  But I’ve got a scrape on my elbow and knee and several scratches on my legs.

Clean up was a joke again.  They had some company there promoting their soap, but they gave us hardly any time to get clean and hardly any water.  I still had quite a bit of mud on me when we were done.  But we survived.

Yes, some complaints.  But overall it was fun.  I’ll be seeing them in Pasadena in September.

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