Monday, June 03, 2013

New Car Radio

I don’t think I mentioned it, but my car radio started giving me more grief about a couple months ago – right after I got my iPhone.  (Heck, did I mentioned I got an iPhone?  I love it!!!!!)

I was pulling into work one day listening to my iPhone via a tape adaptor when I guess I hit a bump wrong or something.  My tape player stopped working at that point completely – I could play nothing on it at all.

This was on top of the CD player acting funky.  A few of my CD’s it was refusing to play.  And books on CD from the library?  Forget about it.  In fact, I had started putting the books on tape on my iPod (and planned to on my iPhone) to listen to via the tape adaptor.  Um….

So, I bought a new radio just over a week ago.  And so far, I’m enjoying it.  It has a USB adaptor that hooks up my iPhone directly and charges it.  And it is smart enough to know the tracks on at least some CD’s that I stick in (it’s been hit and miss so far).  It definitely pops up with the songs from my phone.

And it plays burned CD’s, something my old one never did.

As I said, so far so good.  I do wish I had the option of turning off the display on the CD’s and just have the default be the track number and time.  And there may be a way I haven’t figured out yet.  I’ve got to give the manual a closer read.

But it is so nice to have my phone back as an option and know I won’t have to worry about things next time I drive home.  On my last trip home, I listened to stuff on my phone via my Bluetooth, but that wasn’t a permanent solution.


Ashely@Infinitiofannarbor said...

Most car owners neglect their car radios since they use their iPod's and MP3's when they want to listen to music while driving. In your case, I can say that your radio is both useful and helpful to you. With your new radio, you really have to spend some time to make sure that you've read and understood the manual. You can rest assured of a properly installed radio and less damaged radio in the future.

Matt said...

I installed a radio like that on my car a while back since I wanted to listen to audiobooks via my iPhone and I've LOVED it. I have gotten to listen to so many books that I never would have time to read.

Mark Baker said...

I sure am loving have the ability to listen to my phone back. Still not sure I want to listen to books any time other than long trips, but it is nice to have the option again.