Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lazy Weekend

After the craziness of last weekend, this weekend I sat around and pretty much did nothing.  As you can imagine, it felt wonderful!

I did get out and have a little fun.  On Saturday, I went to see Man of Steel.  I certainly enjoyed parts of it, but on the whole I thought it was the triumph of special effects over characters.  Too many fights not enough character development.

Sunday I went to my ultimate Frisbee pick up game.  We actually had a good sized crowd out for it being Father’s Day.  I guess enough of the guys said this is what they wanted to do for their special day.  We had 7’s, first time in a long time.  They actually put a guy on me who hadn’t played before, but who had my stamina.  I hated it!  Now I know what everyone is complaining about.  My team managed to take our game to universe point after being down by 6 at one point, so that felt good.

And I spent lots of time working on my review blog.  In fact, I found out that they will get upset with you even for scheduling too many posts in a day.  No, they didn’t shut anything down, but they were asking for word verification.  I took the hint and backed off a bit.

I’m calculating, and if my calculations are correct, I’ve about three weeks posts to schedule before I am done with that project!  Maybe I get it all done before I leave to spend the 4th with my family.  I would be ecstatic if that could happen.  Either way, the end is in site, and I can’t wait!!!!

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