Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Irvine Lake Summer of Mud 2013

I was just there two months ago, but I headed back to Irvine Lake on Saturday for their summer mud run.

And they put the mud in mud run, which I love.

The course was fairly similar to last time.  And yes, that includes the mud slide, my favorite part.  That’s just awesome!!!!  Totally worth the wait.

There was one long part that was slippery and shallow mud, which was fun to tromp through, although it does tend to slow you down.

And there was mud.  Lots and lots of mud.  Mud to run through mud to crawl through.  I had a blast with that.

I did it with my friend Sanjay.  We get together about once a year for a mud run, and it’s always great to catch up with him.  A friend of his came along for the ride, although he didn’t wind up running with us.  Maybe next time?

I am always surprised at how long it takes.  But the line for the slide slows us down as does the mud.  Then we had a wait a little while for them to get more water so we could shower.  This one seems longer than most.  But it was a blast and completely worth doing every time I do it.


That Loud Redhead said...

I love reading about your mud runs! Mostly because it's you doing it and not me, lol!!

Mark Baker said...

LOL. I'm glad someone enjoys reading about them as much as I enjoy doing them.