Saturday, April 06, 2013

Weekly TV Recap for April 6th

As promised, here are the shows I missed from last week plus all of this week's shows.  I've been a busy TV watcher.

Arrow – This is why I feel in love with the show.  The characters are so rich.  Okay, so his mother having blood on her hands was a bit over the top, but I did enjoy her heartache at doing the wrong thing.  And the scene with Laurel’s mother’s confession?  Absolutely heart breaking.  Plus the scene with him and Laurel at the end was great.

Psych – 100 episodes, and a fun one.  I wish we’d seen the chief, and more of his dad would have been nice, but it’s hard to argue with the great spoof of the movie Clue.  I’d say it’s the best of the season so far.

Nikita – Nikita and Alex both have points in their fight.  I hope they find a way to work together as equals soon, because that would be awesome.  Liking the arc they’ve got going now that one is going.

The Amazing Race – I would have been okay with either of the other teams at the end going, but I was sorry to see the friends leave.  How frustrating that it was because they kept missing an animal on their safari, too.

Castle – A blast of a 100th episode.  I don’t mind when they rip off plots, but I was beginning to wonder about how close they were to Rear Window.  The fact that it came back and was a gift for Castle was brilliant.  Plus it helped Beckett solve her case.  All told, a good one.

Dancing with the Stars – The right star went home.  I do think everyone is trying, but she was definitely one of the weaker ones.  There are a few more before they start thinning out the good ones.

Splash – The scores seemed a bit more in line with the dives I saw this week.  And I certainly understand the fears of the gal who quit.  As someone afraid of heights, she did better than I would have, so I can’t say anything against her at all.

Survivor - Just as I was saying the fans are out of it, the favorites start going around voting each other out.  How I wish it had been Phillip.  And Dawn?  I hope she knows what she's doing because I think in the end she's just hurt herself to trust Phillip over Corrine.

Arrow - I saw the ending between Arrow and his right hand man coming, but I did like it.  I'm just sorry to see the rift between him and his best friend widen.  I hope they iron that out soon, although the situation with Lauren won't make that easy, eventually.  And when are we going to see the woman from the island back in Sterling City?

Psych - Every week is better better and better.  The dialogue was crisp and funny and the acting was perfect.  While I hate Gus around the boy, I do like his relationship with the mom.  And how funny was Shawn and Gus making up in the outhouse?

Big Bang Theory - Until the final scene, this one was pretty funny.  The lengths the guys were going to for something they claimed they didn't want was good.  Not as over the top as I thought it might be, but still quite enjoyable.  And switching between the three of them was great.

Nikita - So I guess Alex really doesn't have any valid points after all.  Amanda did something to her that is causing her to betray Nikita.  We're in for a wild ride to the finish.  And I do hope they can leave Michael and his hand alone now.

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