Saturday, April 20, 2013

Weekly TV Recap for April 20th

The Amazing Race – From Africa to the cold of Switzerland.  I’ve been to that part of Switzerland, so that was fun to see.  But it wasn’t nearly so cold when I was there, fortunately.  They were racing so much as a group that it was hard for anyone to break away, and with the two resets they had, it was especially hard.  I’m surprised that husband and wife team lasted so long.  Won’t miss his snipping at her.

Castle – The only one of the mythological themed episodes where they’ve left the possibility out there.  Of course, the killer was all too human.  Fun dialogue back and forth, so I was chuckling throughout.

Dancing with the Stars – DL lasted longer than I thought he would.  But it was his time to go.

Splash – So we got rid of Louis again.  Please tell me he’s gone for good this time.  Although I do understand the people getting hurt.  Diving in very dangerous.  And how could his score be so big when the woman who was in the bottom did a much better dive?  They really need to get the scoring more uniform.  At least he did the right thing and withdrew instead of forcing the dive off.

Survivor – Holy cow was that tribal fun!  Way to go Malcolm.  About the only thing better would have been blindsiding them after the vote with his necklace.  But watching them scramble was certainly worth it.  In the end, they were so freaking stupid and voted for Eric and Malcolm anyway.  Seriously?  What’s up with that?  You knew those votes wouldn’t count.  But they had to listen to Phillip anyway when he gave them such bad advice.  Maybe they’ll start thinking for themselves now.  And I am so glad he’s gone, although he is part of the jury, unfortunately.  Just wish the three amigos weren’t still on the chopping block, although maybe this will shake things up.  And can you tell how much I loved that by how much I wrote?

Psych – To be honest, I was disappointed with this one.  Granted, I wasn’t just sitting and watching, but I had a really hard time following the two stories and which development went with which version of the murder.  I am glad that Juliette hasn’t forgiven him so quickly.  I mean, he did have a warning that she wouldn’t take kindly to this a couple years ago.  I just wonder if anyone else will find out.

Nikita - Not Sean!  And yes, I was saying that as soon as he stumbled for the first time.  Alex is going to really go off the rails.  I should have seen that twist in Amanda's back story coming, but I didn't.  I can't see where they are going with this, but I can't wait to find out.

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