Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Men's Beach League Week One

The last few springs, there’s been a women’s ultimate Frisbee league on the beach in Santa Monica.  Well, this year, they’ve added a men’s league.  It’s Saturday morning for six weeks.  Naturally, I signed up.

This last Saturday was week one.  And, I appear to be keeping my streak alive.  Both of our games were close, but we lost.  We’re talking like 10-13 and 11-13.

I got the disc twice, once in each game.  The first time, I caught it and passed it on just fine.  But in week two, I saw a good up field pass that would required spit second decision making and accuracy.  I threw it no where near the guy at all.  Frustrating.

On the fun side, two of my team mates are people I know from the pick up game I used to go to on Saturday afternoons down in Van Nuys.  And my friend Luke is on another team, so I’ll be able to see him every week.  Well, every week I show up since I will miss two weeks for other things.

The games ran late, so I had to book it as soon as we were done.  I would have liked to stay and enjoy the ocean a bit more, but I was trying to get to a book signing.  And my parking time was up in the pay by the hour lot.  Yeah, I know.  If I get there late again, I’m just going to pay to park in the all day lot.  Beside, it’s right by where we play anyway.

I am a bit concerned about my left knee.  It was really bothering me by the time we were done with the second game.  Heck, it had been bothering me a little after game one.  Running on sand is not as easy as you might think.

On the other hand, I was able to keep up relatively easily with my guy.  Yeah, I still got scored on a time or two, but their take off and go wasn’t as bad in the sand as on the grass.  And by the second game, my stamina wasn’t as drained as theirs.

Sadly, I can tell my lack of running is catching up with me.  I need to run consistently, especially up through the Camp Pendleton Mud Run in June.

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