Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Irvine Lake Spring Break at the Lake 2013

I started my mud runs the same place I did last year – Irvine Lake.  The weather was much nicer on Saturday, however.  It was in the 70’s.  Perfect mud running weather.

My roommate Spencer ran it with me.  It was his first mud run, and he enjoyed it which is good considering how many more we’re doing together over the course of the year.

The course was the reverse of last year - literally.  We went counterclockwise instead of clockwise.  And they didn’t have the giant mud bog this year.  Part of me was disappointed since it was fun wallowing last year.  And part of me didn’t mind since it took quite a bit to get through it last year.

They did still have the mud slide!  It’s just like it sounds, a water slide into a giant mud pool at the bottom.  There were four slides this year instead of two and it was near the end, so the line was much shorter.

As I said, the weather was perfect.  I was never cold once, not even standing in line waiting to shower off afterward.  There were plenty of people shivering, however.  Not that the breeze was exactly warm, but it was still pleasant out.  It helped that the sun came out just as we were starting our wave.

Unfortunately, some idiot forgot sun screen.  My shoulders and back are a little burned, but not as badly as I thought they might be.  Spencer got redder than I did, and he wasn’t concerned about burning like I was.

All told, it was fun.  And we’re getting ready to do it again on Sunday at another mud run.

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That Loud Redhead said...

You almost make these sound fun. But since I'm a big priss who can't stand to be dirty...well, yeah. No. ;) But I love reading about yours!!