Friday, April 19, 2013

And a Book Signing

I already mentioned it briefly, but I did go to a book signing last weekend, too.  I know, crazy, right?

Actually, it worked out quite nicely.  I had just enough time to get there from my ultimate Frisbee game and it was a little further south of where I was.

This was for Michael Robertson.  I read his first two books two years ago and loved them, so I was thrilled to get book three finally.

There were five of us over all, so not a good signing from his point of view numbers wise.  But I think all of us were already fans, so that made it fun.  He was very nervous.  I kept wanting to tell him to calm down.  But he did relax when we started signing.

I still haven’t cracked the book open yet.  I was in the middle of one book and got side tracked by another.  But hopefully I will get to it next week.

Meanwhile, I skipped another book signing on Sunday.  It was back down in Venice, and by the time the mud run was over, I would have maybe barely had time to make it down there.  Would have made it if I hadn’t had to drop Spencer off at home, but that wasn’t an option.  Probably better for my gas budget.  One of the books is the one I read this week (got it off Amazon).  I’ll get to the other soonish.  I’ve been hit with a lot of books I want to read right away right now.  Man, I need more reading time.

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