Monday, March 25, 2013

Whack Upside the Head

Yes, I have lots of fun stuff to blog about.  I really have fallen behind and have a couple of days of posts I need to write.  But that’s not today.  Today, it’s all about the whack upside the head I got yesterday.

This weekend was the St. Pat’s Hat tournament, one of the things I need to blog about.  I was planning to skip church for the second day, which I thought was going to start at 9:45.  Turns out my team did well enough to have a bye, which I found out Sunday morning.  Now a good person would have taken the opportunity to go to church.  Instead, I took the opportunity to finish my book.  I crawled into bed and started to read.

I was reading Joni and Ken: An Untold Love Story, and you can get a good picture of what happened by reading my review.

As I was reading about how God got a hold of Ken, it hit me.  The drifting I’ve been doing recently is because I am just going through the motions.  And prayer?  Outside of a few hastily thrown off prayers when I remember something a friend has asked me to pray about, that’s about it.  All I could think was, How can God get a hold of me while I am spending so little time seeking him.

Who knows what I missed at church.  It might have hit me just as much.  But this was definitely what I needed when I needed it.  God was certainly in charge.

So what does this look like going forward?  I honestly don’t know specifics yet.  I’m trying to figure that out.  But I know I need to start praying and now.  I need to stop letting life distract me from what truly matters – God.

Of course, all this comes up as I am trying to get a week worthy of reviews up on my review blog so I can relax when I’m with my family and enjoy spending time with them.  Even at the best of times, that has become an all consuming side project that will take me about six months.  I want to keep this going so I can finish as quickly as possible.  And yet, what is more important?  The two sides of me are warring at the moment, and I’m trying to figure out how I can fit something else into my life.  I don’t have the time, and yet I am trying.

I have a feeling the next few weeks will be very interesting.

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