Saturday, March 09, 2013

Weekly TV Recap for March 9th

I haven't had a chance to watch Nikita yet, but here's the rest of my TV thoughts for the week.

Once Upon a Time – I can certainly see where Mary Margaret is coming from, but her change in attitude is going to spell bad news.  And I knew that even before they showed us the preview of the episode.  And they told us how Neal could still be so young – he’s a lost boy!  I love it!!  Now, to see how next week turns out.  I’m very, very worried about it.

White Collar – Speaking of worried, how could they leave us with that cliffhanger????  And Neal’s dad running off like that?  They’d better nail him and good.  Is it fall yet?

Survivor – Well the team of fans finally made some smart decisions by voting off the weakest player.  Alliances are good, but if they blind you to what needs to be done to help your team, they’re just stupid.  I’m not sorry to see the guy leave, although I’m sorry to see him leaving for medical reasons.

Psych – I knew where they were ultimately going with this one early on.  I just wonder how long Shawn’s mom will be around.  One episode?  More?  Not the best episode, but entertaining

The Big Bang Theory – I really like Raj with this gal.  I hope she sticks around for at least a few more episodes.  And he is so sweet with her.  Granted, we’ve seen that side of him before.  The guys at the school was cringe worthy, but I did enjoy the ladies going to Disneyland (naturally).

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