Saturday, March 30, 2013

Weekly TV Recap for March 30th

As you can see, I've really behind this week.  Three shows to catch up on when I'm back in town.  But it will happen.  Eventually.

Once Upon a Time – I guess that’s the end of adult August on the show.  I’m bummed because I liked him.  Of course, the actor has moved on to other things since he wasn’t a full time on this show, but they had to do something.  And I called it that Neal’s fiancée is the HER that the stranger has been calling.  This will get interesting.

The Amazing Race – Since my parents lived in that part of Botswana at one time, I found the location cool.  They really found it interesting since they lived there.  Granted, it was years and years ago, so it’s changed quite a bit, but still.  Anyway, I do feel sorry for the teams that were in the lead and fell behind thanks to the equal footing they were on.  While it makes things more interesting, I also feel sorry for them when a huge lead falls apart like that.  Isn’t there a way they can let them catch up without making it equal footing?

Castle – Some very funny parts, but a more serious and suspenseful Ryan centric episode.  I enjoyed it, although I pretty much called the ending, especially with Jenny, from a ways away.  I loved the scene where they caught the mob and Ryan was calling out his partners.  So well done and so funny.

Dancing with the Stars – There is a cynical part of me that wonders just how long before the results show did Dorothy decide to withdraw.  I seriously doubt it was during that last commercial break like they said.  Either way, I could tell it was a hard decision for her, and I have to respect her for making it.

Splash – Seriously, how are these judges coming up with their scores?  I feel like I’m watching Whose Line where the scores are made up and the points don’t matter.  There was no way the people at the top deserved the same score.  At least the right person went home this week.  But the scoring needs to be fixed or it is going to kill the show.

Survivor - Please, can Phillip go?  His ego needs to be brought way down to size.  I wonder if the fans have any chance at this point.

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