Saturday, March 02, 2013

Weekly TV Recap for March 2nd

Castle – I was right.  It really was all about Alexis.  And Sarah was cover/a draw for Castle’s dad.  I wish I hadn’t known we were going to meet him during sweeps since that took a big twist out of the show (and kind of helped me know it was Alexis), but it was still a cool episode.  I’ll be interested to see how finally meeting him plays out over the course of the rest of the season.

White Collar – I was almost liking the new boss, but then she had to go and be working for the enemy.  I was expecting that “twist” but I hoped to be proved wrong.  The case itself was fun, although I did feel a little sorry for the true artist.

Survivor – So is it wrong that I’m rooting for the Favorite over the Fans?  Especially if they are going to keep that one guy around.  He’s a whiner of the first order and needs to go.  Granted, there are several “favorites” I want to see off my TV as well, but he’s annoying me the most right now.

Arrow – A gripping episode.  I was worried that the man would die, so I was glad he didn’t.  Arrow revealing his identity to his friend?  Who’s next?  And the fact that he said he never intended to tell him?  Amazing honesty.  But just what is his mom into, and will she tried to kill this guy again?

Psych – It was good to have them back.  A bit more of a serious episode, but since they were coming back from that cliffhanger, I’m not surprised.  I also wasn’t surprised that Henry lived.  It’s not the kind of show to kill someone, plus Shawn and Henry’s relationship is a key to things.  The plot seemed to head off away from what happened last time, but that might just be me and my faulty memory since it’s been a year since the last episode aired.

Nikita - Amanda is devious and so vengeful.  She makes the best villain!  I think she's better while on the run than Percy ever was, although he was a pretty good villain, too.

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