Saturday, March 23, 2013

Weekly TV Recap for March 23rd

Once Upon a Time – I figured out who the stranger was half way through the episode.  So he’s been more important all along.  Regina is just looking for someone to love her, but she’s going about it all wrong.  Still, it makes me feel for her.  Speaking of feeling for her, I truly feel for Snow.  Yes, she committed murder, but the regret is so painful to watch.  And yes, that means the writing and acting are perfect.

The Amazing Race - I was sorry to see the father/son team leave since I liked them, but I was also glad he was going to get his leg taken care of.  That kind of stuff is nothing to mess around with.  It did take the suspense out of the rest of the leg and ruined the drama of the double U-Turn, but it had to be done.

Dancing with the Stars – It looks like DL, the reason I tuned in, will be gone early.  But I might stick around.  It’s a fun show, and it’s a good background while copying reviews show.  Plus there are some good dancers already showing their talent.  It will be interesting to see how they do next week.

Castle – That may have been the funniest of their horror spoofs.  I was certainly laughing at it.  Not quite sure I bought the killer, but I loved it.

Splash – Yes, I watched, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.  Well, I am ashamed because I keep saying I’m not adding any more shows.  The judges were too harsh on Keisha and too easy on some of the others.  Still, I was glad to see they were judging the celebs and not as if they were real divers.  That wouldn’t have been fun to watch at all.

Arrow - I really wasn't looking to see The Huntress again.  I'm so over her.  I was sorry to see his new girlfriend go like that, however.  At least she's not dead.  I knew ultimately she was a plot complication and not a serious girlfriend, but I liked her.

Survivor - The fans are toast.  Unless something serious happens, they will not last much beyond the merge.  And the one team with the older people on it is also toast because they will just lose challenges.  And can we please commence operation get Phillip the heck off my TV screen as soon as humanly possible?  Pretty please with sugar on top?

Psych - Now there was a classic psych episode.  Wild ride with twists and turns and plenty of laughs with the characters not being so out there as to be annoying.  I hope the writers and actors have found their groove now.

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