Saturday, March 16, 2013

Weekly TV Recap for March 16th

The Amazing Race – A team leaves with an express pass in their pocket.  Obviously, they should have used it instead of switching tasks, but I can see the temptation to save it as long as possible.  I wasn’t a big fan of that team, so I’m okay with seeing them go.  Can’t believe the father/son came in first again.  I just wonder what he is doing to his leg long term by continuing on.

Once Upon a Time – I seriously can’t believe they killed Cora.  I was bracing myself for one of our heroes, so I was glad she was the one to go.  However, the consequences for Snow and Regina for the rest of the season are going to be dramatic.  Can’t wait to see where things go next week.

Survivor - Brandon is as delusional as ever.  How was making people so upset they wanted to get rid of you being the master of your own fate?  Seriously?  He is right about one thing - Phillip is in charge.  I only hope the rest of his tribe sees that and stands up to him because I really want them both gone now.

Psych - My roommate and I are both a little disappointed in the season so far.  It's lost the spark, partially because Gus has become a one note character.  It didn't help that I'm not a fan of the lost footage format of storytelling.  This one had its moments, but overall they need to step up their game.

Big Bang Theory - Every so often, they throw us a more serious episode, and that's definitely what this one was.  Still, I liked it, and I really like the development they gave Howard.  I'm very curious what was really in the letter, although all of those answers would have been great.  Well, except for Sheldon's.

Nikita - Yes, I've gotten both of them watched.  Enjoyed last weeks, but I found a serious plot hole in this week's.  Why couldn't they go after Ari and then go after Alex's friend?  Why did both have to happen right now?  That's the part I do not get.  Although the tension between Nikita and Alex will certainly be interesting to watch.

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