Saturday, November 03, 2012

Weekly TV Recap for November 3rd

I bet you thought I'd forgotten to post this.  Actually, it's just that I've just now finished the last show for the week.  Man, I watch too much TV.

The Amazing Race – A waste of a non-elimination leg.  Now that the substitute teachers are gone, the goat farmers are the next weakest team and will be going sooner rather than later.  I’d much rather those be saved for a team that has a shot and just had bad luck, like those two earlier legs with the bad taxi drivers.  I’ll be curious to see how many more rounds they make it.

Once Upon a Time – Yes, they really went there, making Dr. Whale Frankenstein.  And yet, since they made him from a parallel world and not Enchanted Forest, it worked at least for me.  If they keep doing that, it will be a nice way to introduce characters from non-fairytales without upsetting things too much.  And the final scene in black and white?  Brilliant!

Dancing with the Stars – Poor Sabrina once again gone before her time.  Of course, the only weak couple at this point is Kristie and Maks.  They need to go soon and the judges need to stop playing favorites since she is obviously the weakest dancer left.

Castle – A more serious episode, but I loved it because of what it showed up about the characters and how it allowed them to develop them.  Plus I loved the fact that, while Beckett’s faith in Castle did waver for a few moments, it wasn’t that long.  I’d forgotten they were bringing back 3XK, so that twist was a surprise, although I knew he was being frame.  Just couldn’t figure out why.  Now the big question is, how long until Gates knows?

Covert Affairs – While they seem to be ignoring Jai’s death again, the rest of the storylines and how they are developing them are brilliant.  I feel like they’ve finally figured out story arcs, and it’s greatly helped the show this season.  I’m actually caring and interested and not just turning it on as a brief distraction because it is on the USA Network.

Survivor – If this episode showed anything, it showed that this is probably the most fluid merged tribe in seasons.  While the story could be obvious from here on out, I’ll be curious to see if it goes that way or if this was an anomaly and the weak tribe goes next from here on out.

Arrow – I can’t believe someone else figured out his identity already.  And he’s been arrested for what he’s done.  I wonder how they will get around this cliffhanger next week.  And what exactly is Oliver’s mom up to?  I thought he was responsible for the boat explosion.  Is she hiding the evidence?  That’s my guess.  And the body guard now being an ally.  I love that development.  So glad I’m watching this show.

Big Bang Theory – The ending of Leonard and Penny’s story was brilliant.  While it was nice to see Sheldon being given what he receives for a change, that was fairly predictable.

Tron: Uprising - So the end of this two parter wasn't really a surprise, but I wonder what the news that Tron is alive with mean to CLU.

Malibu Country - The fact that I already saw this pilot back in September (they were previewing it and some other shows during the half marathon packet pick up) may have helped.  I decided to watch it again and give the show another couple episodes.  But it still wasn't as funny for the pilot of Reba.  Sure hope it picks up soon.  And why can't Reba do a show where she's not a woman scorned?  That would be nice.

Nikita - I knew that prison escape was going to be too simple.  I really like how Nikita feels the need to help and save these people.  But so far, the episodes have been interesting and not much more.  I hope Amanda coming back next week will up the stakes.

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