Saturday, November 17, 2012

Weekly TV Recap for November 17th

Amazing Race – So the show made a liar out of me.  My roommate was watching with me, and I told him when the last commercial started that the two guys would find their passports within minutes of coming back.  Wrong.  To be continued?  How could they do that to us?  And the two teams that are hanging out together when they know their last?  At some point, you have to break away and one team needs to finish.  Come on, figure it out.  There’s always a chance, although being 19 hours behind everyone else certainly doesn’t make it look good.  I do feel sorry for them since a delayed/missed connection is what is going to cost them the race.

Once Upon a Time – I was about half a step ahead of the characters, so the plot twists weren’t that twisty, but it was still a fun episode.  And now that Storybrooke can communicate with Enchanted Forest, this is going to be even more interesting.

Dancing with the Stars – The first round dances were fine, but those three way dances were pretty amazing.  I really enjoyed them.  Kirstie should have gone a week to do ago, so I was fine with her leaving now.  As for Giles, I wanted to see him win, but everyone is so good it’s hard to say goodbye to any of them at this point.

Castle – I hate mockumentaries because of the bad/over acting and the shakey camera work.  That was exactly what we got on this episode of Castle, so you can guess what I thought.  The mystery itself was good, and I applaud them for trying new things.  But overall it was pretty painful to watch.

Covert Affairs – How could they leave us there with Annie answering a call from someone unknown?  And what is really happening with the Israeli guy?  What strings did Jai’s dad pull from in prison?  And are they ever going to get back to his death?  Yes, I’m looking forward to next week’s season finale, can you tell?  Meanwhile, I do feel like Augie’s storyline of the episode wasn’t that important.  It provided a bit of character development, but not too much.  It was more public service for the organization, but I’m okay with that.  It is a worthy cause and did provide an interesting sub-plot to the episode.

Survivor - It was nice to see Lisa double thinking her strategy and going back to her alliance even if they obviously don't want her any more.  That one gals glare after the vote said it all.  Heck, she is madder than the guy who got voted out right now.  Frankly, I'd like to see Penner gone already.  He's driving me up a wall, and I just have to see him for 45 minutes a week.

Arrow - So his partner in crime fighting got him to consider going in another direction.  I like how he tried to reach out to the criminals and offer them a way out.  It was sad the way it ended, but it did make sense.  And we've set up a love triangle for the main character, his ex, and his best friend.  This will get interesting/painful for someone.

The Big Bang Theory - What an episode.  Penny actually said she loves Leonard, which is a huge deal.  And I was wondering when they'd bring back Sheldon's assistant.  I loved how oblivious he was to her flirting.  But the plot with Raj and Howard trying to figure out what Sheldon is up to was hysterical, especially his gotcha video.  And the reveal of what he is really doing down there was funny, too.

Burn Notice - I was thinking last week how hard this was going to be for them.  I understand why Michael shot the guy, but now they will have no proof that he was crooked.  I really want to know how they are going to get out of this mess.

Elementary - I kept this on my DVR's recording schedule because I'd heard Dr. Dani from Necessary Roughness would be on this episode, so I thought I'd watch.  First of all, she was hardly in it.  Secondly, it confirmed for me that I'm done with the show.  I was only mildly entertained, and that's not enough to get me to watch and keep watching right now.

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