Saturday, November 10, 2012

Weekly TV Recap for November 10th

The Amazing Race - I like the truck drivers, but it's not that surprising that they left.  They are right behind the Goat Farmers as far as ability goes.  All I have to say is James and Jaymes really need to step it up.  Oh, and anyone who didn't go to the spa was an idiot.

Once Upon a Time - I had a hard time with Jorge as the giant.  It was nice to get Emma's back story and meet Henry's father.  So, I wonder if he's someone we know or just a random person.

Dancing with the Stars - Those fusion dances were very impressive.  And the scores seemed to actually match the dancing ability this week, too.  Another two week single elimination coming up next week.

Castle - I loved the scifi moments in the episode, especially his cracks about Firefly.  Apparently there were more I missed, too.  Definitely a fun, light episode, and a nice change of pace from last week.

Covert Affairs - So what is the Israeli agency up to?  And how can they be so mean to use Annie like this?  And when will she figure out that something's up?

Survivor - Lisa definitely shook things up, but I think in the end she's going to wind up hurting herself.  And yes, she lied and broke promises, something she swore she wouldn't do.

Arrow - So this whole thing was a chance to pre-emptively prove he isn't Arrow?  Brilliant!  And a fun episode all the way around.  What is his Mom up to?  That's the big question I'm curious about now.

Big Bang Theory - Loved it.  Amy and Sheldon's relationship bump was very funny.  And the ending with Bernadette saying they were spending the night with Howard's mom was a bit expected but pretty funny, too.

Burn Notice - Things are definitely getting dark.  And no loft?  What's that going to be about?  This is going to be a very interesting second half of the season.

Malibu Country - I don't think I laughed once.  Between the neighbor who is a Barbara Jean clone but less funny and the "gay" kid next door who obviously isn't gay and the fact that the son can't act at all, I was more annoyed than anything else.  Sorry, Reba.  I wanted to like this show, but I'm done.

Nikita - That's what the season has needed, some focus.  And with Amanda back in the picture, we've definitely got it.  Things are definitely heating up now.  And poor Alex and Sean.  He's right, but she's right, too.  I have a feeling that's going to be very interesting going forward.

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