Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November Disneyland Report

So, it’s turned out I’ve been at Disneyland at least once a month since I got my pass.  I’ve decided I need to keep that streak alive, so I headed to the park on Sunday.  One reason I got so much done on Saturday, I think, was because I knew I wouldn’t be around on Sunday.

I went with Angelique, and we had a great time as always.  The park was definitely crowded, and we had to wait longer for some rides than we normally do.  We headed to Radiator Springs Racers fast pass first thing, so Angelique finally got to do that!  She really enjoyed it, too, which doesn’t surprise me at all.  I was glad we had those fast passes since the lines were around two hours when we were down that way.

CarsLand was really decked out for the holiday.  They are car part Christmas trees (tires, hubcaps, that kind of thing), and other decorations all over the place.  There were some in the rest of the park, but it wasn’t as all out as it might have been.

Then again, over at Disneyland, Main Street and New Orleans Square are the main places they go all out.  And they looks great as always.  And the Castle and small world are both really decked out, too.  It does look amazing.

We did make it on Haunted Mansion Holiday, but we missed small world Holiday.  The line was an hour one time when we tried. The next time, they were closing the line to clear the area out for the fireworks.  And once again I will say that if you have to close an area and a popular attraction for the fireworks, then your fireworks show is too invasive and you need to cut it back.  We could have stuck around, but we both had work the next day, so staying until the park closed at midnight was out of the question.  We were leaving the parking garage by 10, if you can believe it.

Of course, I was tired the next day.  Disneyland just wears you out no matter what if you spend a full day there.

I can’t wait to get worn out again.

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