Saturday, October 20, 2012

Weekly TV Recap for October 20th

The Amazing Race – Second week in a row a bad driver has cost the team the race.  I feel so sorry for teams when that happens, although I might have grown tired of this team before the end.  Looks like the U-Turn did nothing.  I wonder if anyone will find out who U-Turned them since this was a blind U-Turn.

Once Upon a Time – A bit of a character centric episode, but it really developed and worked out some arcs they’ve been building with Emma and Regina I like what they are doing with Regina I’m actually feeling sorry for her for the first time ever.  But the way they started the new balls juggling with Cora and King George was great.  I can’t wait to see what happens there.

Dancing with the Stars – There are two couples that should go right now, and they were both in the bottom two.  I certainly agree that Bristol has really come out of her shell more this season, but she just isn’t in the same class with everyone else.  I was sorry that Broadway didn’t wind up being one of the styles this week.  Maybe somewhere down the road.

Castle – That episode was a complete hoot!  I laughed multiple times.  And the acting was perfect, especially from Ryan as he learned about Caskett and Beckett as she wanted to find out if Ryan knew or not.  This show does comedy so well, and I loved seeing it again.  Plus the nods to the fans with Caskett was great.

Covert Affairs – The torture and escape episode.  Not too much to add here.  It was pretty much what I expected to see.  The real question will be what happens next week now that Annie is back.

Survivor - So they took the tribe with two people and added them to the other two tribes.  Shocking, right?  And how ironic that someone leaves because she gets sick in a season where they've brought people back who left like that.

Arrow - Okay, I officially love this show now.  They're already setting up some complex characters and interesting storylines.  Like what is his mother up to?  And his relationships with his former girlfriend and sister are very interesting.  I think this is the keeper of the new crop of shows.

Big Bang Theory - I actually felt sorry for Howard, which is rare.  But to come back to how things have changed has got to be hard.  The real fun of the night was the battle of the sexes game night.  Here, I felt sorry for Leonard being saddled with Sheldon, but watching him in action was a riot.

Elementary - I'll keep my eye on this one until Dr. Dani guest stars, but I think I'm pretty much done with this one.  I really don't care, and it's not like I need more shows to watch.

Tron - I feel like I missed some new episodes in there.  Either that or it's just been too long since I watched the show.  Still, I did enjoy seeing the characters again and look forward to getting back in the swing of things.

Nikita - Started a bit weak, but it quickly got very interesting.  I absolutely loved the end, with Michael going back for the ring, Nikita's reaction to the revelation, and her line when he actually did propose were great.

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