Monday, October 29, 2012

Ornament Signings?

Yep, that’s right.  I did something new a couple of weekends ago.  I went to my first ornament signing.

This is one of those things I didn’t even know existed until I started getting into Hallmark ornament collecting.  I wasn’t completely sure I’d want to go, but I figured I’d give it a shot anyway.  And I had a great time.

The signing was down in San Diego.  So foolishly (and it was foolish since I had to get up earlier than I am right now for work), I drove down on Saturday morning early.  With gas prices as they are, I also considered staying home.  But I bravely set out and went on my way.

I arrived about the time the artists were going to start signing.  I quickly got a signing time and then proceeded to wait.  Yes, they are organized so that you have to get a time to get a limited number of ornaments signed.  Otherwise, collectors would come and monopolize them with everything from their collection.  You can go through, get a couple of things signed, and then get another signing time.  It keeps things more fair.  And as people like me who only brought a few things to be signed clear out, it opens things up for the die hards to get their stuff signed.

There were two of the Hallmark artists there that day.

I actually had to go out and buy an ornament for Rodney to sign.  Somehow, I’ve missed all his stuff over the years.  But Tom had been doing a series of stained glass window ornaments I really like, so I took all three of those with me to be signed.

I don’t know why I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy it because I love book signings so much.  Both artists were personable and cheerful as they signed ornament after ornament.

Plus, I got to chat with several people I “know” from a message board I’m on for ornament collectors.  It was fun to put some names to faces.

And I broke down and bought the event pieces.  Hallmark artists collaborate to produce a big piece that they all can sign.  In this case, they were Mrs. Claus’ stove and table.  I was going to buy them for someone on the board who hasn’t been able to make a signing, but I fell in love with them.  When they opened them up to buying more right before I left, I bought a second copy for me.

Not being one to waste an opportunity, I stopped at Disneyland on the way home for several hours.  I was by myself, so I read in line, which was fun.  The park was very crowded, but I still got in several rides and a bit of shopping.

All in all a very expensive but a very fun day.

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