Saturday, September 22, 2012

Weekly TV Recap

The last of my summer shows ended this week.  And my first fall show premiered this week.  There's some symmetry there.  Or something like that.

White Collar - I knew it!  Granted, it was the previews that gave it away, but I called that "Sam" was really Neal's dad.  That will give the second half of the season an interesting twist.  I am glad to see Peter and Neal have worked things out again.  Not surprised, but it is nice to see.

Covert Affairs - Pretty much what I expected.  The cliffhanger sure makes me want the new episodes to start up sooner rather than later.

Royal Pains - Seriously, can we stop with the last few minutes in the ads for the next episode?  It spoils so much.  I would have been more surprised by the cliffhanger if I hadn't seen it coming a week ago.  Overall, I liked the episode.  My heart broke for Paige and Divya.  And how cool was it that Divya was calling Jill?  I'm glad to see they are still working references to her in even if they've written her out.  And Paige and Evan are still the best couple ever.  It's a shame this is the end of the season, but at least we have the wedding movie in December to look forward to.

Survivor - What is it with Russells on this show and me not liking them?  I was almost rooting for them to vote him off because he's already getting on my nerves.  But in the end, they did vote the one person off.  Not only would he be a huge liability in future challenges, but he's also such a stupid schemer.  I mean, really, you make an alliance with everyone, and then you go crowing about it?  Guy's just asking to be sent packing.

Wipeout - History and Math jokes.  I loved it.


That Loud Redhead said...

I really need you to watch Leverage so we can talk about it. ;) Other than that, I don't watch TV, so all your TV updates are lost on me. :p But maybe I'll find something to watch on DVDs later! ;)

Mark Baker said...

Start with Once Upon a Time and White Collar.