Saturday, September 08, 2012

Weekly TV Recap for September 8th

Yes, I was lazy and typed this today.  One reason it's so late.  And with so few shows on, too.  We're definitely in the wind down between summer ending and fall not quite beginning yet.

Stars Earn Stripes - Again, it's hard to root against anyway.  I was hoping Todd Palin or Dean Cain would win it all, so I was disappointed.  But it was truly hard to root against anyone.  It did seem like the teams who came later on did better, so I'd say getting to watch was a distinct advantage.

White Collar - Alex was back.  If they want to build a romance between those two, I would be all for it.  And I loved Neal being arrest twice and Peter's comment about it.  Very funny.

Covert Affairs - I'm still trying to decide if I was shocked by the ending or not.  I had heard it was coming, so I knew to expect it, yet my jaw dropped.  Still, what did I say when they cast Nina Myers on a spy show?  Never trust her.  The episode was packed, certainly felt more like a summer finale than a regular episode, so I'm thrilled we get two more episodes.

Royal Pains - I'm sure you're tired of hearing me say this, but how cute are Evan and Paige together?  How he wanted to fix things but trusted Hank and just let them be.  And the General coming to him.  But it was obvious the main plot of the week was just a set up for Paige to reunite with her parents.  And when the woman showed up and the end, I knew who she was.  Next week will be interesting for sure.  One last thing, I liked Paige being involved in the medical part.  She has such a great bedside manner.

Wipeout - Yes, I watched.  I think that's about all I have to say right now.

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