Saturday, September 15, 2012

Weekly TV Recap for September 15th

White Collar - I have always loved the relationship between Peter and Neal, so to see Neal so mad at Peter at the end was hard.  And yet I agree with him.  Based on what we've seen so far, Peter is in the wrong and really needs to stop what he is doing.  Neal was on to something.  Their boxing match was funny and sad at the same time.  And the final scene was just brilliant.

Covert Affairs - A bit of a let down after last week.  Pretty much along the lines of what I expected.  The only really good dream sequence was with Danielle, and that includes the kiss for this Annie/Auggie shipper.  I like seeing how Auggie pieced things together.  But the recreation of the scene at the diner was the worst.  I know it was supposed to be a dream, but it just looked like a green screen (or in this case blue screen) where the CGI just never got done.

Royal Pains - Did I miss something, or did they not tell us where Hank and Boris went.  And I wonder where they are going with the story of Boris and his friend.  I'm also wondering if that is Paige's mom, and if so what they is going to mean.  And poor Jeremiah.  I agree with Divya that he makes a great addition to the team.  Of course, he wants more from her, which I don't see her being willing to give, but it's a sweet story line.  I like Hank with his new girlfriend.  But is next week really the season finale?  As in nothing coming in January?  I don't think I can live that long without my HankMed!

Wipeout - Yes, I watched it, but I've got to admit I saw a few wipeouts but that was pretty much it.  Not too much to comment on.

Revolution - I know, it doesn't premier until Monday, but it was on my On Demand, so I watched it last night.  It was…a pilot.  It's not as bad as everyone is making it out to be.  After all, actors are going to have make up on and wear good looking clothes no matter what the premise of the show is.  I can see some potential in it, but it really needed to grab me right from the start, and it didn't do that.  It's on opposite Castle, so it's not going to get a full season pick up from me.

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