Saturday, September 01, 2012

Weekly TV Recap by September 1st

Stars Earn Stripes - My TV/DVR were acting strange, and the sound and picture were messed up.  Turns out I could have waited and it would have fixed itself, but I didn't know that until I had erased it.  I really couldn't follow the mission, but I did see we lost our first woman.

White Collar - Once again, it was a scene that would never happen in real life, but the scene with Peter and Sara "making out" while Elizabeth and Neal coached was an absolute riot.  The plot seemed a little complicated, even for this show.

Covert Affairs - Annie has a problem.  Her mark has fallen for her, and I think she's beginning to fall for him.  How they resolve all of that is going to be very interesting.

Royal Pains - Paige is really struggling with the revelation that she was adopted.  Not that I expected anything less.  The singer in the episode was completely stereotypical, but I did like her, especially her down to earth attitude and the fact that she wasn't wild and crazy.

Necessary Roughness - Wow.  Was there anything they didn't throw into that episode?  I mean seriously, it was packed from wall to wall.  Rayjay in trouble with the cop.  TK escaping and going back to rehab.  Matt getting the receiver they needed.  And Pitman dying.  Of course, I called that one early on thanks to the previews.  At first, I thought they might be talking about TK, but as soon as the plane went down, I knew who they really meant.  (Stop with the spoiler teasers, guys).

Melissa and Joey - I was actually expecting them to end with a cliffhanger of some kind, so the fact that they ended the marriage when and how they did surprised me.  On to season three.

Wipeout - I loved the pessimist.  That was the funniest part of the episode by far.

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