Monday, September 10, 2012

My August Reads

I really thought I'd get this up last week.  Oh well.

All ratings are on a scale from 1 (bad) to 5 (great).  Links take you to my review at Epinions.

GOING TO THE BAD by Nora McFarland - 5
Lilly Hawkins I manning the news desk as KJAY when she learns there's been a shooting at her house.  She rushes there to find her uncle is the victim.  While he fights for his life, she tries to figure out who shot him.  What secret from his past has resurfaced?  I love the characters, and I felt them grow even more here.  And the story kept me turning pages to see what the next twist would be.

SOME LIKE IT HAWK by Donna Andrews - 4
When a bank repossessed all the buildings in Caerphilly, the town clerk boarded himself in the town hall basement.  Now Meg, her family, and the rest of the town are smuggling supplies to him.  But when a body turns up just outside his barricade, the jig may be up.  Can Meg find the killer without giving away the secret?  I love these characters, and I will never complaint about spending time with them.  However, I felt the plot could have used more twists or something.  And these books have lost some of their humor.  Still, fans of the series will enjoy this one.

HIDE AND SNOOP by Sue Ann Jaffarian - 5
After a merger at her law firm, Odelia finds herself with a new boss who seems to have it in for her.  While trying to get her job from rival paralegal Mark Baker, Odelia gets saddled with her new boss' niece.  But searching for the little girl's parents start turning up dead bodies, and Odelia suddenly finds herself in way over her head.  I love this series (hence the reason I got my name in this book), and this was another great mix of humor, strong characters, and fast moving plot.  If you don't read this series, fix that today.

Greg Rich and his parents are still stuck in 17th century France, and Spanish assassins have just targeted Greg and his friends, the Musketeers.  This leads them to think that their old nemesis is plotting to overthrow the French government, so they take off to learn what kind of army is on the way.  However, dissention in the group is making the trip hard.  Can they keep it together to save the day?  This is a fun mix of fantasy and historical fiction for kids.  And adults.  I certainly enjoyed it.  It was another can't put down for me.

ISLAND OF THIEVES by Josh Lacey - 4
Tom Trelawney's parents have just dumped him with an uncle he hardly knows.  But Uncle Harvey is planning a trip to Peru to follow a treasure map he's just uncovered.  Tom talks his way into the trip, but they have hardly landed when they run afoul of the most notorious crook in the country.  Can they stay one step ahead of him and find the treasure.  Another young adult novel, and another fun, wild ride.  I did feel the characters could use a bit more development, but the target audience will love it.


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