Friday, August 24, 2012

Working Part Time

This has been an interesting week work wise.  I got another temp job, but this one turned out to be part time.  I was working at a company training their new accounting person in the accounting software, which I know how to use, but also trying to teach her bookkeeping stuff.  Furthermore, no one at the company really knew much about what was going on, so it was interesting trying to figure out my way and how they do things so I could figure out what to recommend and how to train her.

The commute didn't turn out to be so bad.  I missed the traffic going down because I went in late, and I found an alternative way home, which at least kept me moving.  It probably took the same amount of time, but when you are driving instead of inching forward, it feels like it's shorter.

All told, I got about half a week's worth of work spread out over 3 days.  It's some money coming in, but it's not what I need to be getting full time.

But it also makes me more willing to travel for a job.  I'm not sure why my attitude changed this week, but it has.  Hopefully that sticks around when I do find something.

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