Saturday, August 11, 2012

Weekly TV Recap for August 11th

Burn Notice - How do they still come up with plots that suspenseful?  I mean, the last commercial break, I wasn't sure how they'd save Jesse and Sam.  I figured Rebecca would be too easy as the shooter, and they proved me right.  (At least it looks that way right now.)  And yes, it was very nice to have Fi out in the field again and leave the prison stuff behind (at least for now.  I wouldn't be surprised if some of those characters came back).

Suits - Wow.  Just wow.  The writing and acting were perfect.  That was so intense I could hardly look away.  And it was perfect.  All the characters were working together so well.  You could feel the tension between them.  The ending surprised me.  They took a settlement?  That will come back.  And when it did, I figured it would be what Hardman was waiting for.  We've got a flashback next week to lighten the mood, but I think the episode after that will be very intense again.

Wipeout - That crack at Big Bang Theory?  Hilarious.  I think that's all I've got.

Common Law - Just the twist they need to lead up to the season finale.  A new doctor?  That can't be good.  Case was fine, but the way it led into the conflict with their therapy was the most interesting.  And did she really break off her engagement?  That's a shocker.

Political Animals - At this point, the only character I have any sympathy for is TJ, the gay addict.  Everyone is so focused on their own ambition they aren't event thinking about him.  Now, I do get tough love and that we're jumping into the middle of his story.  Maybe if we'd been following them for years I would feel different.  However, I really can't like any of the characters right now because of how they are behaving.  This family is so dysfunctional.

Melissa & Joey - I’m not really sure what to say about this one.  Other than Mel's Mom's comment at the end about her man being closer than she thought (Joey), it was a fairly predictable.  Some funny moments, but nothing outstanding.

Burn Notice - One scene almost had me in tears.  The emotion that Michael is displaying now after the death of his brother is amazing.  The plot itself was fine.  I wasn't in nearly as much suspense as last week, but it was still a very good episode.

Suits - Also not as riveting as last week, but the flashback was lots of fun.  And the twist that Louis was framed for the embezzlement was a twist I hadn't expected.  I wonder if they will use that to sway him next week.  Meanwhile, I wonder if they will have to jump through any hoops to get Donna back.  And what is with the can opener and the push pins?

Wipeout - All female Zone.  You rarely see that.  But I loved that log roll at the beginning.

Common Law - That was their best episode yet.  The mystery actually had me a bit confused at times.  And I loved the back story and how it all ended.  I hope it comes back next year and builds on what we saw here.

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