Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Summer League Tourney

I swear, I don't intend to leave this blog for days on end like I do.  I was going to post this on Monday.  Then yesterday....

So, Saturday was the season ending tournament for my ultimate Frisbee Summer League.  Last Tuesday, we had our first win of the season.  Was momentum on our side?  Would we shock everyone and take the whole thing?

Um, no.

We wound up only getting to play two games, and we lost both of those.  Our first game was against the 3rd ranked team in our league, and we lost 8-13.  (I take some pride in the fact that the next team to play them only got to 6.)

Then we had a bye, then we had a rematch against another team that was also low ranked.  In fact, we were their only regular season win.  We started out way behind, but then we tied it up before they scored a couple in a row to win.

But I was happy with the day.  Oh, sure, I would have liked to play more games and actually win one of them.  But I played so well.  All season I was saying that I felt like I could contribute more.  Well, Saturday, I did.  I got the disc quite a bit when I was on the field and successfully passed it on.  In fact, I can only think of one major drop, and that was in the end zone.  However, I got the D, so I made up for it on that same point.  And I scored one goal each in both games, something I hadn't done all season.  So it was the best I could hope for given the season we'd had.

And a funny thing always happens at these tournaments.  Even though we've had a horrid season, losing so much, I still want to keep playing.  I'm so bummed we don't have a game this week.  Or next week.  Depending on everything else going on, I may try to get on a winter league team.  But man, I so wish I were playing again right now.


That Loud Redhead said...

I'm sorry you guys didn't win, but it was fun to read about your experience!! Good luck next year!!

Mark Baker said...

Thanks. I've requested a team that will win at least 50% of their games next year. :) We'll see if it happens or not.