Thursday, August 09, 2012

New 5K Personal Best

I ran a 5K, my 8th race of the year, on Saturday.  It was over in Ventura for their Fair.  Actually, the race was in town down, two laps up and back on Main Street, which was a fun and different place to run.  I ran it with my friends Chris and Stacy.

It was a costume race, and I got a mask to go with my Incredibles shirt, so I was Mr. Incredible.  Chris was a Ghostbuster complete with a pack that actually had light and sound.  Stacy was a cheerleader.

The pack slowed Chris down, and he and Stacy stayed together.  But I took off and ran at my own pace.  I wasn't trying for anything other than having fun and finishing.  The course was uphill one way and downhill the next, then we got to do it all again on the second lap.

I did my normal finish somewhere in the middle of things, but the amazing thing was I finished in 28:15, which is a full minute better than my 5K time in March.  Obviously, all my running this year and my training for Tough Mudder and the Disneyland Half are paying off.  Now I need to sign up for a 10K quick so I can get my goal of a 10K in under an hour.

Another good thing?  When I ran the 5K back in March, I just about died finishing in under half an hour.  I honestly felt like I had a whole lot left in the tank this time.

Now, if this would just translate to better ultimate Frisbee playing I'd really be happy.


MountainHawk said...

When you said your friend was running as a Ghostbuster I wondered if he would have a pack. Points for authenticity but yikes, how much did that weigh?

Congratulations on your 5k personal best!

Mark Baker said...

I never put it on, but based on how Chris was reacting, I think it was pretty heavy.