Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Finally a Win!

My summer league ultimate Frisbee team finally got a win last night.  We had a close one last week with only six on the field.  We were ahead at one point 10-5, but they finally figured out how to exploit our weakness of being down a player and beat us 13-15.

But last night - last night was glorious.

We had lots of subs.  There were 5 women and 9 guys.  The other team only had 1 sub of each.  And I'm sure that helped quite a bit.

We started off trading points until it was 3-3.  Then we went on a two point run.  They came back with one point, so it was 5-4, but we took 3 in a row for half.

And our point streak just kept going.  Ultimately, we finished 15-6.  So yeah, not only did we win, but we won decisively.

Personally, I had a mixed game.  A couple slipped right be me on D early on, and I dropped an easy pass in the first half.  But there was one point in the second half where I was on fire.  It was a long point, with lots of turn overs.  The guy who was supposed to be guarding me wasn't sticking close to me at all, which meant I could get open easily.  And my team took full advantage of that and I was able to help move it down the field quite easily.  I did drop it once in the end zone that point, so I didn't score, but we did score at the end of that point.  On D, my guy was a handler, so he had it quite a bit, and I was able to keep a hard mark on him.

It's night like last night that remind me why I love ultimate so much.

Saturday is the tournament.  Since we're the bottom seed, we'll have some very hard games to play to start things off.  Hopefully, we have finally gelled as a team and can shock everyone by winning some of them.  Otherwise, it will be a very short day.

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