Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Running Break

I took a break from running last week.  It wasn't that I wanted to, but that my body was telling me I had to or else.

When I headed up for Easter, my left knee was really bothering me.  I was hoping the rest would do it good, and it did, although climbing the stairs at my parents bothered it a bit.  I decided I needed to take at minimum a week off.

What was frustrating was Monday and Tuesday, my knees felt fine, but my legs were bugging me.  But on Wednesday, my knees started bugging me again.  And I was even having trouble with them sitting at home.

I did nothing over the weekend, mainly because I could and was feeling very lazy.  I also found I was feeling much better all day yesterday.

When I got home, it was still upper 70's, so it was too good a day not to run.  I figured I'd go and see how I felt.  I'd turn around at any point along the way.  But I made my goal of 3 miles.

Of course, I felt horrid when I was done.  Dinner hadn't settled, so that was part of the problem.  And I hadn't slept well the night before, so I was tired.  But after a good night sleep, I'm feeling better today.  My legs are back to sore, but it feels like I've been running on them, which is a good kind of sore.

I'm planning another easy run this week, and then I'll get back to the harder training next week, although I'll probably build up again a little to get back to 8 miles.  Hopefully, I'm doing better and not seriously injured, but we'll see.

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