Saturday, December 03, 2011

Weekly TV Recap

Time for this week's TV recap.

The Amazing Race - So the grandparents never really seemed to have a chance to get back in it.  They were always in last.  Meanwhile, the snowboarders came back for a rather convincing first place finish.  While everyone else seemed to struggle, they didn't have that much of a problem.  Hope that holds true for the next couple of weeks.  It would be great to see a nice team finish first.

Once Upon a Time - All I know about Jiminy Cricket is from the Disney version of the story.  So I found this take on his origin and the idea that he and Gepetto are good friends interesting.  And it turns out Henry was right.  He had almost found something at the bottom of the old mine.  Was it the entrance to the fairytale world?  That's certainly what it looked like to me.

Terra Nova - The mole is Josh's friend Skye?  I can't say I saw it coming, but it didn't exactly surprise me either.  I take it the rest of the colony thinks her mom is dead.  I feel sorry for her.  I hope they can find a way to write her out of this.  Meanwhile, Taylor and Mira having to work together to survive was a cliched story, but at least they used it to show us more of both characters.

The Sing-Off - Urban Method didn't win!!!  Penatonix wasn't that much of a surprise as the winner since the judges loved them so much, but I really did think that Urban Method would wind up winning.  I was thrilled to be proved wrong.

Covert Affairs - I'm really not sure where they were going with the Augie's girlfriend storyline.  That's her last appearance, at least this season, and I was left feeling like it was a bit of a waste.  Maybe they'll move things forward next week.  And I'm also confused by Danielle's husband.  After not appearing all season, suddenly he's been on a business trip?  And those have to be new girls playing her daughters because they didn't look familiar at all.  And they looked too close in age.  Nit picks aside, I did like the main episode.  I hope they bring that guy back now that he's a full fledged MI-6 agent.

Ringer - I really didn't want Gemma to be dead.  And I really did think they were going to save her.  Man, that upsets me.  I was expecting more of a cliffhanger than that when I hear they wouldn't be back for six weeks.  Oh, and I'm wondering if the teacher really forced himself on her or if she is lying because he humiliated her.  I told my roommate you don't go into a situation like that one on one.  You always want a witness for this very reason.

Survivor - Well, after all this time, we finally saw Cochran go.  I'm not sure whether to feel good because he kind of deserved that for switching sides or if the other team should have done more for him.  Honestly, I saw it coming weeks ago.  Now we'll finally truly get to see the other side turn on each other.  Well, maybe, they do still have one more person to go.  Just don't tell me Coach is going to win.  If so and they do this again another couple times, the person who comes back from before is going to be history fast.  (Frankly, I hope they drop the person from before.  I'm so sick of that already.)

Burn Notice - Anson is truly evil.  Killing Michael's father?  And do we really know the end game yet?  I think that Michael's mom is being a little too harsh on him, but I can see where she is coming from.  As for the case of the week, how cool was it to bring in someone from the prequel movie?

Nikita - So that ending is going to shake up Alex.  I kind of like the fact that they completely left everyone in motion.  Michael showing up like he did was a bit of a cheat, although at least Owen had called him earlier.  So, why are the guardians meeting up?  Lots of fun when it starts back up in a month.

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