Wednesday, December 07, 2011

FiR Question #11

Although December always feels like winter to me, we still techinically have a couple weeks left in Fall, so here's this week's Fall into Reading question.

Share a special memory relating to books or reading — something you’ll never forget.

The first things that pop into my mind are related to author interactions.  When authors remember me from one year to the next, it always thrills me.  Yeah, by the time I've been to several of their signings, I'm not that surprised, but when they remember me right away it makes me feel special.  I wish I were better with faces and names.

Then there was the first time that Joanne Fluke included me in the acknowledgements of her series (Peach Cobbler Murder) just for being a super fan.

The letters I've traded back and forth over the years with Sandy Dengler are something I will always treasure, along with a couple of the special books she's signed for me.

And I can't leave out my Trixie friends.  We've all met on the internet on message boards devoted to the Trixie Belden series of kids' mysteries that we all love.  Over the years, we've met up at "camps" as we call them to hang out in person.  I know you can create friendship over the internet, because these are definitely friends of mine.  (True, few are as close as friends you see in real life, but they are still good friends.)  I've got lots of memories with them.  They only relate to books in a superficial way, but there is that connection.

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