Saturday, May 07, 2011

Weekly TV Recap for May 7th

In Plain Sight - I'm a bit worried about this season. I understand we've got new show runners for the second season in a row, and they seem intent on putting very cheerful characters on the show. But the new detective and the new agent are over the top perky. Frankly, too perky for their own good. And, I'll admit I was very sleepy when I watched this, but was Mary's mom credited for the episode yet never showed up? I will say that I love what they've done with Brandi. She's become a very strong, mature character, and I hope they keep that development going. I loved the banter. But I hope my initial impressions of these characters doesn't hold up as we get to know them better.

The Amazing Race - For obvious reasons, I had to watch this one on-line this week. Not my favorite way to watch stuff, as it turns out. But in this case, it was totally worth it. Kent and Vixyn are gone! And it's because they once again didn't read a clue. I will not miss Kent and his whining at all. I'm not sure what exactly happened with that food challenge. It did look like Vixyn wasn't being ganged up on. I hope she was innocent like it looked like because I certainly felt sorry for her then.

Dancing with the Stars - The pressure is really getting to the stars. None of them seemed in top form tonight. And I couldn't believe Bruno gave out a 10 to Hines who even I could tell was stumbling around. I was surprised he got above a 7. But ultimately it was Kendra who left. (And anyone notice they had all three women up there at the end?) She was really becoming a good dancer, so I am sorry for that reason, but I love the rest so much I'm glad they'll be back next week.

Chuck - Las Vecas? How fun was that? And really, what was Morgan thinking Awesome would plan for a bachelor party? Meanwhile, we found out who Agent X is, and I must say I was surprised, although in some ways it makes total sense now. In fact, much of this season now makes sense. I will admit I guessed at one point it was going to be Jeff. That would have been funny. But Volcauff being Agent X is so truly logical I'm surprised I didn't see it sooner. Only two more episodes left (please, come on and renew it), and I have a feeling they will be pretty action packed.

Castle - I've been looking forward to the LA episode for a while, and it was a bit of a let down. I was expecting more from the cast of the movie, but they were pretty much cameos. The case itself was interesting, and I loved seeing the Santa Monica Pier show up twice. The teases with the romance? Oh man the writers are really cooking on that this season, and it is working perfectly. I love it!

Survivor - And so the alliance breaks up. I see Rob's strategy, and I think it might work for him. Unfortunately, that means there is more Phillip. Have I mentioned how ready I am for him to go? Poor Andrea, all she did wrong was almost beat the Robfather and be close to Matt. The big wild card in all this is still Redemption Island. I can't wait to see how that will play out in the final couple of weeks.

Nikita - Wow! And let me say it again. WOW!!! I knew there were some things that would have to come out eventually, like Nikita being part of the team that killed Alex's parents. But to see it all come together like that. And to find out that Percy has been manipulating things for a while and in on who was working with Nikita. All the pieces are in place for a very bad season finale. I don't see how they can wrap things up at all. I think we're in for a very bad cliffhanger. Come on, CW, renew this show already so I can watch the finale without fear!

The Big Bang Theory - Holy cow there was a lot going on in that episode. I'm actually impressed with how well they juggled all the characters and stories. It often feels like one or two characters get put in the background each week. Here, I felt they all were front and center. The laughs were pretty continuous. Although my favorite part was the chess game at the end. Poor Raj, however. I knew there would be something off with his speaking to women without alcohol in him, but that wasn't what I expected. The lesson of the episode? Never let Sheldon be your wingman.

Wipeout - Back on the air and back full of puns. I was rooting for the winner this week for a change. And I was glad to see the sweeper arm back on the show, although this time in round three. I like it when they switch things up every so often like that.

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