Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weekly TV Recap for May 14th

Got a couple season finales this week with more coming all the time.  You'd think it was May or something.

In Plain Sight - So, does anyone really have any suspense when it comes to the stuff in Mary's personal life? Yeah, I don't have much either. I knew she'd agree to be Brandi's Maid of Honor. But those scenes were still great, especially the one at the end. The case this week was pretty good as well. It had me questioning what was really happening on more than one occasion. What I find funniest now is that the big story I've been hearing about this season is that they were going to work Mary's real life pregnancy into the season. So far we're on episode two and there isn't a mention of it at all. Considering they'll probably only have 14 more episodes, you'd almost think they would work around it or this will be the one of the shortest pregnancies in TV history. Of the longest if it carries over to another season.

The Amazing Race - Well, the two teams I was rooting for most came in fourth and third. But I am happy for the sisters. They've overcome a lot on the race, so it was nice to see them win. Honestly, I wouldn't have been two upset with any of these teams, although the Globe Trotters were my least favorite of the teams left.

Chuck - Yikes, that cliffhanger was pretty intense. I have no idea who they will resolve that next week. Wait, there was more to the episode? Definitely building the season's story toward a climax, which is always nice to see. And the wedding photo montage was a great sub-plot. It's rare they use all the characters in an episode, but when they do it well like they did there, I really like it.

Castle - I was thinking that this was the first time we saw Ashley, but I looked it up online and realize we've seen him before. Anyway, I'm not sure why I never figure these cases out before the end because they definitely have a formula to them. Maybe it's because I am just enjoying watching the characters interact along the way.

Dancing with the Stars - I actually gasped when they told us that Romeo was going home. I was sure it would be Ralph since his score was so much lower than anyone else's. I'm not sure who really deserved to go. It would have been hard to see Ralph taken out by an injury, but who of the others really deserved it? There isn't a weak dancer left. It will make the next two weeks very interesting.

Survivor - Okay, I can see Ralph's point with making what's her face sleep on the ground at Redemption Island. But doesn't part of his think about how that pettiness will be perceived if he makes it to the jury? Okay, so he lost, but I actually wasn't that sorry to see him go considering his pettiness. Meanwhile, I can help but think about those still in the game. Suddenly, they want to make big moves instead of just let Rob tell them when they are going. You should of done that when you had the chance. And none of them are even thinking about voting Rob out. I mean, really, why are you going to let him waltz his way to the end? I have a feeling that Sunday will be very interesting.

Big Bang Theory - They have really got good at balancing several stories in this show. Poor Sheldon getting exposed to his worst nightmare because of trying to avoid a cough. Prya and Penny talking was an interesting development. But I think the funniest thing was that Howard's mom was actually okay with him getting married, although his last line about Bernadette was creepy.

Nikita - There was not a dull second in that episode. Honestly, about half an hour in I was fast forwarding through the commercial and couldn't believe how much time we had left. So much has changed. If they come back for a second season (and they'd better), I will be very curious to see where they intend to go with the story and even who is left involved. Not quite sure I get Amanda's position in all of this at the end. And which side will Alex be on? I hope we get to find out. I found Nikita's last line, "I fear for the future" to be pretty appropriate.

Wipeout - Okay, so I was distracted while watching the episode, but I was less than impressed this week. I never really connected to any of the contestants, and they seemed to really be reaching for identities for some of those people. The Amish? Really? And the guy who won was too over the top for me. Oh well, there's always next week.

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