Saturday, December 18, 2010

Weekly TV Recap - Dec 18th

The Amazing Race - The right team won! I can't tell you how rare it is that the team I want to win actually wins. But I am thrilled that Nat and Kat won. Frankly, Brook and Claire would have been alright for first, too, although I'm happy they got second. And as much as I was rooting again Jill and Thomas, I'm sorry they had to go out with a taxi they couldn't communicate with. As they said, you don't expect that kind of thing in America after you've raced around the world. That's how Nat and Kat won. Their driver letting them use their phone and the person they were talking to looking up the information for them was the lifesaver.

The Sing Off - Monday was definitely a mixed bag. The rock songs weren't that good, but the guilty pleasures were amazing. I was sorry to see Groove for Thought leave, but I wasn't that surprised. All the groups are amazing in their own way, it's hard to see anyone go. Wednesday, all five groups were much better. Yes, the judges copped out by not doing the final elimination, although both my roommate and I were saying we wouldn't want to pick after that last song, so I don't understand. Still, I'm rooting for Committed or Street Corner Symphony to win (and someone else to offer whoever comes in second a recording contract).

Psych - To be honest, I was disappointed with both of the episodes. They were trying so hard to be funny that they weren't being funny at all. In fact, the second one was downright painful.

Survivor - I do and don't sympathize with Jane. You know going into the show that there will be people voted out. It's part of the game. And people you trust will wind up voting you out. However, to have people who have told you that they will take you to the final four vote you out is certainly going to hurt. Were her actions at camp over the top? Absolutely. Was her behavior at tribal counsel perfect? Absolutely. It didn't save her skin, but it certainly forced the truth to come out.

Burn Notice - How awesome were those two episodes? I was glued to the TV for both hours. I'm very curious to see where they are going to go next season since it looks like Michael has gotten his wish now. But for now I will bask in the glow of those two episodes.

Big Bang Theory - How funny was all the stuff with the costumes. And Penny thinking about going and then not wanting to go. Her boyfriend Chuck is pretty good at being dumb, too.

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