Friday, December 03, 2010

Back Before Thanksgiving

So I never did blog about the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Movies and plays.  Oh my!

It started with a Friday night trip to Sherman Oaks where I met up with Angelique for a screening of Harry Potter 7.1.  I'd read the book, she hadn't.  Frankly, neither of us were super impressed.  As I expected, it moved rather slowly.  That's the thing with the books, the first half is usually rather slow, and the second half is where the excitement is.  When you break a book in half, you're going to get a slow first half.  And that's definitely the case here.  But I expect the final movie to be a fun, fast paced ride come July.

Then Saturday, my roommates and I headed down to Glendale Centre Theatre where we met up with Angelique to see A Murder is Announced.  I'd never read the book, so I was confused until the end.  A great job with the mystery.  And the cast was great.  I just love going to that theater.  The performances are always great and the small, center theater aspect makes you feel like it is happening right there.  I wish I had started going when I'd first heard about it.  Think of all the great plays I've missed.

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