Friday, September 04, 2009

Getting Ready for a Fun Weekend

Work? My mind is on the weekend already.

This is the weekend of the 5K at Disneyland. I'm leaving as soon as I can get out of here (5 at the latest), so I can get down to Anaheim in time to sign in for the race. I hope traffic isn't too bad, because if it is I will be cutting it very close.

But that's just the start of the weekend. Angelique and I will be spending all weekend at Disneyland. In fact, I got a hotel room down there so I'm only 15 minutes away instead of an hour. Ironically, I'm right by Knotts Berry Farm. Some day, I'm going to make it down there to go to Knotts.

I'll be off line the rest of the weekend. I'm not taking my computer with me. In fact, I don't even know if they have internet at the hotel for free or not. But I doubt I'll be around enough to get on line if I were. I am physically unable to leave a theme park before closing after all.

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