Wednesday, August 12, 2009

That and This

So, let's see. What has been happening in my life?

Friday night I went to Mountasia with my Bible Study. I won in my group, although I didn't win overall. Three of the four of us in my group got holes in one, which is very amazing, especially on that course.

Saturday I spent the day with friends. Some friends were hosting a BBQ. I got there at 12:30 and didn't leave until 8 that night. Enjoyable time, obviously. We talked. A few of us swam. Played some Mario Kart. Hung out talking some more.

My home owner's association is finally letting us know what I feared. They are going to start selling outside parking spots and forcing us to park indoors. Of course, they can't do that on all the streets since the street in front of my unit is a public street. It's going to make things more of a nightmare. And they didn't let us know about a meeting about it tonight until yesterday. Gee, do you think maybe they are afraid of the reaction? I think I am going to skip the meeting to go to my ultimate game tonight, but we'll see. I guess this is the major life stresser for this summer. I really wish I could just enjoy an entire summer without life throwing something truly complicated at me.

I was reminded a couple weeks ago, I never did mention if I won that Matthew West CD. As a matter of fact, I did. And if you want to read my review, follow that link.

I almost forgot, Saturday, I ran 5K. Did it again Tuesday. Since my race isn't until the 5th of September, I have hope. If I can keep it up, I will be able to finish and still spend the day at Disneyland.

Speaking of which, I am heading there tomorrow to use the Summer Fun Pass for the first time. The count down has begun! Can't wait.

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