Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer League Game 10

I almost skipped my game Wednesday night so I could go to my HOA meeting. And I did go to the start of the meeting. When I realized it would be the normal ramblings, disorganized mess, I decided to leave and go to my game.

And I'm glad I did.

No, it's not because we won. We started out ahead 2-0. Then they tied it. We traded points quite a bit in the first half before falling behind and ultimately finishing 11-15.

And it's not because I ran into a friend from last summer's team and hopefully got myself on a team for winter league (which I've only even tried to play once).

It was because I had the greatest point of my ultimate career.

Nearing the end of the first half, I was in on one of the long points. We'd turned the disc over, and the guy I was supposed to be guarding was running full tilt down the field. I took off after him. Fortunately, no one threw it to him and he slowed down, allowing me time to almost catch up. The disc, meanwhile, had made it about half way down the field. At that point, they threw it to him, and my team started screaming at me. I raised my hand and started looking around for it while still running, hoping that if it was in the air, I'd see it in time to stop it. And that's when it hit me in the lower back. I got the D!

But the point wasn't over yet. On that offensive drive, we worked it easily to the half way point. At that point, my guy took off after someone breaking toward the end zone. The teammate he was covering for saw the switch and aknowledged it. But instead of picking me up, he decided to stand in the lane and clog. My best option is to run to the end zone and make him cover me. Only, he didn't cover me. Instead, he continued to stand not too far from the disc. But my teammate saw me and threw me a perfect disc. It floated long enough for me to move into the end zone. No one even tried to stop it. I caught it for the score.

Granted, my D was completely accidental. And the score was because the other team was lazy. But I am completely taking credit for them.

On the other hand, I usually say I'm good for one score and maybe one D per season. I think I wasted both on that one point.

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