Tuesday, November 21, 2006

You are such a fraud

So Friday night, I get home from the movie (I'll get to that in a minute) and there are two messages on the answering machine. One of them is from Sprint wanting to double check some info on a recent order. Um, I didn't place a recent order.

Then the second one comes on. "If you are Mark, press 1. If not, press 2." I almost just hit delete, but I was looking through the mail and didn't get to it before the voice continued. "This is your credit card company. We think there's fraud on your account. Please call us back within 24 hours."

You'd better believe I called them back the next day.

And they were right. Someone had gotten a hold of that credit card and was using it to charge all kinds of phone stuff. They'd already charged around $700 in two days. Which explained the call from Sprint.

Since they person obviously had my phone number, I have a suspicion as to how they got the info. But not enough to go on to actually report anything. But my credit card company has canceled that card and is sending me a new one. The biggest problem I can see is an item I ordered with that credit card still hasn't come. I might have a fight on my hands trying to get a refund. But we'll just have to see what happens.

That was a scary way to end my Friday night. The majority of it was quite fun. Debbie, Paul, and I had a great dinner at Souplantation before going to see Casino Royale. They liked the movie more then I did, but I didn't really enjoy it. Too long, drawn out, and boring. Guess I wanted more of an action flick.

I did indeed hang my Christmas lights Saturday, enjoying mid 80's.

Sunday night, we had the first SNYF we've had in months. It was lots of fun. Although Kurt needs to come up with a game besides 4 men on a couch. I'm tired of loosing to the girls. :)

Last night was a youth staff meeting, which went well.

And Reba is back! I had really been missing having a sit com of some kind on my schedule. Sunday night's episodes were good. I especially loved their in-jokes.

Tonight I have to go home and pack so I am already to leave when I come into work tomorrow. Tomorrow afternoon, I fly to Dallas for almost a week. See you when I get back, and have a great Thanksgiving.

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