Monday, November 06, 2006

So Where Was I?

Why is it I keep intending to blog, but never make it here any more?

Anyway, here's the latest in my on-going sagas.

Last Tuesday, I went to take care of my ticket. The officer looked at my windows for 30 seconds and then signed off that I'd fixed the problem. So far, so good. Then I went to pay. There was supposed to be a $10 processing fee if I corrected the problem by the date nor a fine if I didn't. However, the officer checked the non-correctable offense box, which meant they were going to charge me the fine, too. Only way I can get it corrected is to go to court. So I have a court date for next Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the last area appears to have stopped draining! I am keeping my eye on another couple areas, but I think things are winding down again. At least I hope they are.

This weekend was a blur. Saturday, I had lunch with Debbie and Casey. Then I went to try to get Donna Andrews' signature on her latest book. Unfortunately, I arrived after the program started, but she signed the book for me really fast.

See, I was supposed to be half an hour away for a play. I barely made it as the play started. Debbie and Casey had saved me a seat, but I didn't get to join them until the second act. We saw Catch Me if You Can, which bears no relationship to the movie from a couple years ago. It was a great comedy/mystery with a twist at the end that I just loved.

Then Sunday, we met up again to see The Santa Clause 3. While it wasn't as good as the original, it was still very entertaining. We all really enjoyed it.

However, all this running around has made me pretty tired. Maybe I'll make it to bed early tonight. Well, that is, as soon as Heros is over.

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