Thursday, February 28, 2002

Well, over at The Back Porch, they've asked a "Thursday Threesome." So I thought I'd start off today by posting my answers.

Onesome: I first heard of a blog from Amanda (Monkey Girl.) She sent me a link to her blog when it first started.
Twosome: Hers was the first one I read regularly. It wasn't until much later that I started to discover just how many others there were out there.
Threesome: I keep reading them because it's the best way to find out what's going on in the lives of my Trixie friends. Haven't ventured out much beyond that. At least not yet.

Ok, on to other things. Last night was the best worship set we've done in weeks. Which is ironic since it was entirely songs that we'd never done before. I'm guessing it was because Kiersten and I were so focused on the music, and we'd spent the proper time Tuesday night getting ready. Only a couple small mistakes on my part. And the songs were great, too! First new overheads in over a year. Now, if I could just get Jon to teach me the rest of his songs so I can add some of them. I love learning new songs!

Ran again this morning. I probably won't be able to get out of bed Saturday since I was still sore this morning before I went. But I'm happy with my time. I'd like to get it down to 9 minute miles from 11-12, but I have several months before I'd like to be there. Right now I'm concentrating on building endurance before the ultimate frisbee tournament in two weeks. Ok, so it won't make that much difference, but it will be better then nothing.

And only one more to go to hit my goal! (Yes, I'm being purposely vague right now. More revealed tomorrow. I've got to keep you coming back somehow.)

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