Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Yesterday was quite interesting. Came into work to find that the power was out. Something they'd been working on had much of Newhall without power. This side of Placerita was without power, but the part of campus on the other side had plenty. We hung around most of the morning, but they let us go at 11.

Naturally, I took advantage of my unexpected freedom and tried to spend lots more money. Unfortunately, the items I was shopping for weren't on store shelves yet. Which is probably a good thing considering I went wild at Wal-Mart Monday night buying DVD's I don't really need but want to get. I did rent the new version of Importance of Being Earnest. Once again, disappointed. Guess it's not possible to film a good version of that play.

Meanwhile, things are weird over at Amazon. We can only access our 10 most recent reviews. At least now we can get in fairly consistently to those 10. Been this was since Friday. Hope they get it fixed soon because I have a lot of new reviews to post. I spent part of my time hand writing reviews yesterday. I was on a roll, got three done. But since the one I submitted last Thursday showed up and then disappeared completely this week, I think I'll wait.

In other news, I finished my novel last night finally. Right after Donald and Heather left. Donald kept calling to change the time, and it turned out to be much later then originally thought.

Meanwhile, it's dinner time, and the cafe is finally openned again. Students came back in the midst of the blackout yesterday. And of course, the dorms are on this side of the street. Bible Conference starts tonight, but I'm going to be bad and go home. I can't attend any of the other sessions, and I'll out nights the rest of the week. So I'm going to head home, read, and watch Angel and Celebrity Mole.

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