Friday, January 03, 2003

I'm sorry I missed chat last night. Sounds like it was lots of fun. And now I'm being blaimed for stuff that I had nothing to do with. I'd like to point out once again that I am innocent of all charges until proven guilty. And you'll never prove it. NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Looks like I'm hitting the beach tomorrow. When I checked the weather forecast, they were predicting 70 here and 75 in Santa Monica this weekend. That's just too good to pass up. So, I tried Seth K. Still go nothing but his voice mail. I'm getting a little worried. Anyway, this afternoon at lunch time, I called my friend Mike. He was in Colorado, but he's flying back into town in the morning, so we're meeting up in the afternoon. Skiing one day, beaching the next. What a life, eh?

Works being going well for me this week. All the bank recs I have done, and other misc. stuff. Next week I really hit the books hard.

Speaking of books (and I'm always willing to speak of those), I'm having lots of fun with my current. It's called Show Control and is the prequel to Coffin's Got the Dead Guy on the Inside, which I read in September. While it's not as funny, the characters are all over Southern CA, which I love. They live in Passadena, and I recognize many of the street names. Plus, they spent some time at Castaic, which is the town just north of here where the triathlon has been the last two years. Also, it openned on New Year's Day, the day I started the book. Didn't even know that until I started it. Enjoying emensly.

Got two loads of laundry to do tonight in addition to the one I did over lunch. And I plan to spend more time watching DVD's tonight and reading. Thilling life I lead, ain't it? They'd better hurry up with more seasons of Mary Tyler Moore. With every episode, I'm realizing how much I love the show. Didn't know I was missing it this much.

Of course, my big news is till that I made the top 500 reviewers at Amazon. Hope I stay up there. But if you came this afternoon, you already knew all about that.

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