Monday, January 20, 2003

We are trying to block Bible Study Friday night out of our minds. We won't discuss the convicting message about where our priorities are and what that really says about us. NOT LISTENING!!!!!!!

Saturday afternoon we got through 3 episodes of Babylon 5, getting us ready for the first season two parter. And since Enterprise is a rerun on Wednesday night, we should get through both parts no problem. I picked up a bag of chips and some cookies, and those disappeared before we got through the first episode. I have some root beer left, but it might have helped if I offered refills more then between episodes. But I kinda figured that if they wanted more, they could mention it some of the myriad of times we stopped. I swear, it takes us 1 hr. 10 minutes to watch an hour episode. And there are no commercials on the DVD. :)

Anyway, got done with that in time to meet Heather and Donald for bowling. Turned out to be just the three of us. I’m not going to discuss out scores, but Donald might if he shows up once he gets back home tomorrow. But let's just say that I still choke under pressure. :) Then we went out to dinner, finally settling on The Olive Garden. I'd forgotten just how good their food was. YUM! I'm ready to go back. Then we headed over and I got a nickel tour of Pete's new condo. Identical to the one I looked at in June, just a different location in the same complex. Naturally, this kept me from playing ultimate frisbee Saturday night, but it was definitely worth it.

I must say, the best part of the evening was riding in Donald's car listening to VeggieTales. All three of us were singing, clapping, etc. at the top of our voices. Basically being crazy. Anyone passing us must have thought we were nuts, but we were having a blast and that’s all that matters.

Then, they came over Sunday afternoon. Turns out we'd all planned to watch Ice Age and decided to do it together. First time I'd seen it. Great visuals, some funny stuff, but I don't think I'll be watching it again.

Then I called home. Before we got off, Mom got on the phone alone to fill me in on what's going on. Grandma isn't doing well at all. Her short term memory is gone. They're beginning to wonder if she's had a series of small strokes. She was spending the weekend with my family and was once again getting up and dressed for the day in the middle of the night. She's just so afraid of over sleeping that she'll get up. Meanwhile, Dad's brother is refusing to do anything to help. And for the nurse to come like Grandma needs, that means that she can't leave the house, so who ever she's staying with is house bound. They're beginning to look into a skilled nursing center, which sounds like a sad but good idea to me.

I finally hit the fitness center here on campus at lunch time today. And tried to do the same workout at the same level I was doing when I was working out consistently a year and a half ago. My arms are already letting me know they didn't appreciate it. And I have to do laundry tonight or I won't have any shirts to wear into work tomorrow. Could get interesting carrying my laundry basket down to the laundry room.

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