Friday, January 17, 2003

Yep, I'm that predictable. Or maybe it's dependable. Let's go with that. It sounds so much better. Showed up last night with songs ready to go. And Jon acted as if worship were definitely on the agenda. So guess I'll keep plugging away at that until basketball season is over and then I'll be in charge of getting kids involved.

Turnout was very low last night because of games. We had such a small crowd, I couldn't hear anyone singing but me. Could see lips moving, but no one singing. It really bugs me. Yes, part of that is because it's what I'm in charge of. But part of it is simply because I love singing so much, it bothers me to see kids who are too afraid of what others think to sing.

Also found out last night that Angie, one of the female staff, is going to IBEX next semester. (That's Master's Israel campus.) Now I have someone specifically to worry about. In spite of what the profs over there say, I don't think it's safer right now then LA. Definitely not safer then Santa Clarita.

Didn't mention earlier this week, but we found out why Marcus hadn't been getting any mail. Turns out it's all been being fowarded to some previous Johnsons who lived in the complex. Who moved to Vermont! Explain that to me if you can.... Especially since they moved out at least a month before Marcus moved in. And I got all kinds of mail for Smiths long after Donald moved out even if it was addressed to a different Smith with a different apartment number clearly written on it. Our mailman has serious problems. :)

Speaking of which, we got a piece of junk mail the other day address to Marcus Baker. Um....

Tomorrow, I'm having my regular Wednesday night crew over for a Babylon 5 marathon. Should be lots of fun. Then there are plans in the works to go bowling with Donald, Heather, and who knows who else. And, depending, possibly ultimate frisbee as well tomorrow night. It is a full moon after all.

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