Wednesday, July 14, 2004

My Kingdom for a Title

At least I'm not offering anything important. Since I don't have a kingdom, I have nothing to loose if you come up with a better one for me.

I forgot to tell you something that happened this weekend.

I was taking two jr. highers to the SNYF, when one suddenly asked me if I'd ever found my book that they hid from me at the church camp out. I answered no, and then he handed it to me. It was hidden behind the sunken arm rests in the back seat, so now there's been no permanent damage from the prank. :)

That's probably the biggest news.

I did buy some flowers for the condo. A hanging basket of petunias for the balcony. Supposedly they'll do fine in the hot afternoon sun as long as I water them on a regular basis. Might get old, however, since I need to stand on something to get them up or down or water them. I also bought some impatiencs to plant in my planters. I was going to put them by the front door, but I'm having a real hard time doing that for some reason. I'm afraid someone will take the planters and break the window right there to break in. Probably crazy, but that's what keep going through my mind.

My co-worker is taking Friday off and going to Disneyland Friday and Saturday. I'm turning green. Especially since Matt won't treat me to a week there. :( (Long story).

Maybe if I post this now I can actually leave work at 5 for a change. Unless I get succered into reviewing or something like that.

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