Thursday, July 22, 2004

It's Thursday, Isn't it?

Then maybe I should have done today's Thursday Threesome sooner.  Totally slipped my mind.  Anyway, this week, it's brought to us by Murphy's Law and The Back Porch.

Onesome: If-- Ever hear of that guy Murphy? If you have a story that can add to his legacy, can you share it here?
I know I do, and I've shared some in the past.  But, naturally, I can't think of any off hand.

Twosome: it can-- What is it that you can never remember to get correct? Is it which way to turn the wrench to loosen the screw? How about directions to that one restaurant? ...or maybe it's people's names? What is it you call for assistance on?
I have the worst time remember names and putting faces with names.  Or matching faces from different settings.  I really need to work on it.

Threesome: go wrong...-- ..and the big finish: what was the last thing you had go so gloriously wrong that all you could do was just stare in awe at the aftermath? I mean, come on, you can tell us ...
My desire for fun at the church campout?  I guess I'm really brain dead tonight, aren't I?

If I come up with better answer, I'll play again.

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